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Max - 20 April 2022 - 3 min read

Who are the people behind Coinformation?

We are a small team with great passion and a clear vision. Due to that we left our secure jobs with established employers to do what we've always dreamed of: To build a community-oriented service that helps users increase their passive income while they can spend their free time doing other things. A service that is how we would have liked it to be when we needed it.

Coinformation Team

What are our experiences with cryptocurrencies?

Our experience steams primarily from personal investments of time and money. We have successful and less successful investments behind us. We have been disappointed by projects of which we were quite sure and we have praised projects to the skies which then lived up to our expectations and analysis. In summary, we have been able to experience many instructive lessons in recent years.

In order to spare you one or the other lesson, we would like to share our experience and knowledge with you. In addition, we were able to build up a worldwide network of experts over time. Not only do these experts have many years of investment success, but their specialization in individual sub-aspects such as blockchain ecosystems or early-stage opportunities allows them to have a broad base of experience. On this basis, we have developed a valuation scheme that we use to capture the long-term value of cryptocurrencies.

Can you trust us?

Trust is not gained overnight. Trust grows over time. We take our mission seriously and invest time and effort to meet your and our demands with due diligence. Only when we get a clear picture of a cryptocurrency, we do publish it on our platform.

With Coinformation, we remove hurdles around cryptocurrencies to separate the profitable projects from the impermanent ones or those that do not add long-term value. In the future, our evaluation scheme will be supplemented by a self-learning AI to identify opportunities and risks at an early stage and inform you about them.


We cannot replace that you need to do your own research. So, you should continue to draw your own conclusions. However, we can help you to look only at the most valuable projects from the beginning: So as not to start off on the wrong foot. We are even thinking about rewarding you if you spot suspicious activity on one of our listed cryptocurrencies.


Introducing Coinformation (Banner)

4 April 2022

Introducing Coinformation

Coinformation is built to make cryptocurrencies accessible for you, independent of your technical background or time. We would like to shortly introduce our service prior to launch and why it might be of value for you.

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Disclaimer: Cryptocurrency investments carry considerable risk of loss. The value of your investments can go up as well as down. Please do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency. This service is for informational purposes only and is not financial advice.

About Coinformation:

Coinformation provides information as well as fundamental data analysis of cryptocurrencies. We track prices, financials, on-chain metrics, social interest and many other metrics to identify long-term value and give short term signals in case these change.

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